Sunday, July 18, 2004

GINSENG GALORE: we're not quite sure why Britney Spears would be so angry about the New York Post cover story which suggested she was slugging from a bottle of Whiskey - apparently Spears is demanding a retraction and an apology, threatening legal action should they not be forthcoming. But what would the legal action be based on? Does she feel that the carefully cultivated image of someone who gets pissed, marries a bloke she happens to be drinking with, and then spends a week trying to clear up the resultant mess, using the incident as a basis for a gag during the few live shows she manages to make it through before pulling the tour might be destroyed if her fans see her able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage without winding up at the 24 Hour Wedding Chapel? Whatever, she's got her publicist to make it clear she was drinking ginseng, not whiskey. Because it's easy to confuse the two. (Personally, anyone drinking gingseng when they could be knocking back Jamesons automatically drops three points in my estimation.)

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