Tuesday, July 13, 2004

HI... I'M DAVE... CAN I PLAY ON YOUR RECORD? CAN I, HUH? CAN I? SAY I CAN. JUST ONE TRACK? PLEEEEEASE: Dave Grohl's ambition to be a member of every band in the world comes a step closer with the news that he's been seen sneaking in to the current Nine Inch Nails sessions. That means either he's begging Trent to take out the buttplug, or else he's going to do some drumming for him. Or both. We're also delighted to discover that Trent Reznor has a big whiteboard in the studio, with just the words "Greed, Entitlement, Delusion" on it. That might be the themes for the new album. On the other hand, he might have picked the board up cheap from the Bush Campaign group's Ebay site and hasn't got round to cleaning it off yet.

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