Thursday, July 15, 2004

INTIMIDATED BY THE DIRTY PIGEONS: We've not had a chance to listen to this yet, but we though it worth mentioning: Parkspliced, the follow-up to London Booted. It's two CDs worth of Blur music, messed-up, mashed-up, washed-up, fiddled about with and generally reworked. They love a bit of it.


betty B said...

hey ho,
are you english? I can't work it out?

Matt said...

Simon, I listened to most of it. Here's my comments from Pink Squirrel today:

Parkspliced is mostly not that good

eh. It's pretty weak but there's a couple of totally fun and unpredictable mash ups. Mostly it's like every song off of Parklife with annonymous techno beats behind them and in some cases some incredibly poorly chosen songs that are mashed into them.

I made post it notes of all of my two word reactions to the songs in case you want to navigate your way through it and only listen to Pink Squirrel Sanctioned songs.

So here are my (mostly) two word summaries from the three Post It Notes I used:

Grrrls and Bots - bad, dull

Tracy Jacks - decent - I kept this one

end of a century - totally boring

Parklife - a hybrid of "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys and "Parklife" = a mess

Bank Holiday - some rap song by Jay Z (I think) and a little bit of "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdibland - terrible

Goodhead - "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye and "Badhead" - funny but bad

The Cassette Dissector - the Debt Collector only more distorted - really good!

No Blur No Cry - dumb but okay (some Fugees-esque soul song mixed with "To The End")

London Loves - techno and "Tired of Waiting" by The Kinks + "London Loves"

Trouble in the Message Centre - Eh, okay, very techno

Lot 105 - um, again, eh...too long.

The stand out track may actually be one of the b-sides of "Parklife" - "People In Europe" it's made even more gay by mixing "Girls and Boys" with the propulsive synths and mixed in with a joyous diva house kind of Circuit boy club anthem about Love and stuff. Really good. Joe liked it too.

So, yeah, I liked "People in Europe" and sort of "Tracy Jacks" and "The Cassette Dissector" but their web site had a "donations" section but with the exception of those three, I don't think it's really worth paying money for. Someone could have done better with most of the material. A lot of the mashups just don't work very well.

I'm curious to know what anyone else thinks if they listen to any of it.

// posted by Matt @ 8:36 PM

My Own Biggest Fan said...

I am currently downloading Parkspliced, so I can't comment really. Your comments sound similar to my thoughts on London Booted. The McSleazy version of Lost in the Supermarket is amazing, so it is not surprising that his track is one of the standouts on this one. (Tracy Jacks)

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