Saturday, July 03, 2004

I'VE NOT HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE: We're indebted to Rock & Rap for bringing this to our attention:

"I've won two Grammys and my songs have won three Oscars; I've released nine solo albums....My recordings, both old and new, are played often on the radio, and my CDs continue to sell worldwide.
Despite these successes, and while I've worked consistently as a singer for over thirty years, I've found it consistently difficult, and almost impossible, to make a living as a recording artist....Because recording contracts are complex and involve the indecipherable process of recoupment, artists are forced to rely on the record labels' accounting statements as truth, when we know they are routinely inaccurate, or to conduct an audit, which few can afford. The result--artists rarely receive any royalties and remain unsure whether we were due a payment. Therefore, most artists go into debt to make solo albums and can barely live on advances given them."

Jennifer Warnes, testifying before the California State Senate Judiciary Committee

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