Friday, July 23, 2004

JUSTIN TAKES ON MURDOCH: Justin Timberlake is threatening to sue the pants off the News of the World over its story last week that he shagged a model while Cameron Diaz was eleswhere (presumably going round the globe trying to unplug computer servers). If the NOTW doesn't retract, he's prepared to take them to court to beat a retraction out of them.

Lucy Clarkson - inevitably - described her night with Timbo as a "sex romp" and claimed that he was "obsessed with my boobs." She reported that she didn't like kissing him "because his lips were too small." This makes us wonder if she perhaps had fallen in to bed by mistake with a Timberlake impersonator. If such things exist. Surely that could be the only explanation for it all? Unless someone's lying - and how likely would that be?

Update: Murdoch's paper won't retract, and seem very keen on taking the whole thing to court.

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