Tuesday, July 20, 2004

MERCURY SHORTLIST, ANYONE?: This just in: the 2004 Mercury shortlist - sponsored, of course, by the Nationwide:
Amy Winehouse Frank
Basement Jaxx Kish Kash
Belle & Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
Jamelia Thank You
Joss Stone The Soul Sessions
Keane Hopes and Fears
Robert Wyatt Cuckooland
Snow Patrol Final Straw
The Streets A Grand Don't Come for Free
Ty Upwards
The Zutons Who Killed... The Zutons


Aaron said...

Is there any point commenting? Oh well.

It's a tough one to pick a winner from - I'd say Franz Ferdinand, but they're probably too big now. Sadly, I'd put my money on the-desperately-overrated Jamelia, they love just credible enough pop. Or maybe the Streets.

The main glaring omission is Four Tet, who made the finest UK album in years. And why The Zutons?

Anonymous said...

It seems the most mainstream list yet, which is pretty disappointing. It's strange to think that only a few years ago The Delgados and Tom McRae were among the nominations while essentially completely unheard of, as well as unknowns from other genres, now like last year there's not a single nomination like them. Ty and Robert Wyatt are probably the only ones the average casual listener hasn't heard of and Wyatt is not exactly new talent!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Ah, but there is one major piece of excellent news in this list: No Jamie Cullum.

Polco said...

My favourite is Franz Ferdinand so far...
For me, Keane and Snow Patrol are just like Coldplay clones.

I like Robert Wyatt's old tune "At Last I Am Free" a lot... haven't heard recent ones.

Anonymous said...

I would argue that Joss Stone is at least as bad as Jamie Cullum anyway, though

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

and Amy Winehouse is as irritating as Jamie Cullum. But even so:

Imagine his little face when his manager called him this morning:

- Jamie?
- Yeah?
- Mecury noms are out
- Oooh... yes?
- You're not on the shortlist

That'll give him something to stamp on his piano about.

Graham said...

Check the previous shortlists; this one ain't so mainstream...

Last year they had the token oddball winner, so I guess they'll have safe and innocuous this year. Snow Patrol, I guess.

Simon said...

I'm looking forward to hearing the pop-slanted bits of the media explaining who Robert Wyatt is.

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