Friday, July 23, 2004

THE RETURN OF THE DARLING BUDS: One of the things that has made us pause a lot over the last ten years is the question: whatever happened to Andrea Darling Bud? Or Andrea Lewis, as she's really called. Well, she's been busy in the ten years since The Darling Buds called it a day, travelling to Azerbaijan to work with war-shattered kids through theatre and drama. And now she's bringing a Saturday morning stage school to Wales, but, she stresses, it's not that sort of Stage School:

"We don't want to be just setting up a theatre school for luvvies but lovelies," she said. "You imagine being surrounded by very domineering theatre types but you have a lot of shy children who have a very good presence when they are on stage."

The bad news? She's off the market, as she's doing this with her partner, Jamie Jarvis. Jamie, of course, played Troy, the toyboy who tapped off with Irene in EastEnders.

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does she have a blog or personal home page?

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