Saturday, July 24, 2004

RIGHT, SO HE'S NOT CALLED BEARD, WHICH, CONSULTING MY CHART OF IRONIC POP FACTS, MEANS HE'S ONE OF THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY HAS A BEARD: It was only a matter of time, in these days when AC/DC have been embraced by the gap wearing masses as a kind of sorta joke that everyone's in on, and even Q's TV channel has started to adopt a rock lettering, that a red car would eventually pull up outside the citadel of cool and three figures would climb out, coming to demand their slice of post-ironic rock redemption. And, lo, it has come to pass that ZZ Top's Billy F. Gibbons has popped in to do some work on the What's Left of The Queens of the Stone Age album. Expect the VH-1 tribute show sometime round late Fall; and everyone wearing brand new ZZ Top shirts they claim have had at the back of their cupboards for like, ever, early next year.

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