Friday, July 02, 2004

RIGHT. BECAUSE YOU ARE SUCH EYECANDY: The Kings of Leon - who are, lets be honest, too homely to get cast in a gangster movie - aren't very impressed with English women. Or Scottish women, or Welsh women, come to that.

The King's Jared Followill reckons:

"The girls in the UK are rough, not like LA girls.
If you go to parties there and you look like you have money you are guaranteed to get laid. The quality is so much better and there is far greater choice.
You go to a party wearing a DOLCE + GABBANA jacket and you know you are going to get some hot girl taking you home. We have a wild time."

We're loosely translating this as "Oddly enough, the women who were at Glastonbury had less than no interest in dating a bunch of men who look like they've not changed their clothes since C&A closed down."

We're a little surprised that KofL seem to have such vapid taste in women, though.

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Amy said...

I'm not at all surprised that the Kings have such vapid taste in women - so-called 'alternative' or rocker guys still subscribe to the beauty myth, dammit.

It's like those end of year polls in music magazines - the sexiest man in music list is filled with men like Nicky Wire or Jack White, who have their charms but aren't exactly Brad Pitt. The sexiest woman list usually contains at least two or three stereotypically attractive pop chicks like Kylie, whose music most indie-snob men wouldn't admit to liking in a million years, and even the women featured from indie/rock are pretty (Meg, Brody, Marcie Von Bondie).

It's not like the Kings can afford to be picky, surely? ;)

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