Friday, July 16, 2004

SHOEHORNED REFERENCE: There's apparently a really good cause at the heart of the Beyonce designing shoes for reebok - Tyra Banks has invented one too, apparently, and judging by the threat of next week's America's Next Top Model, she considers herself something of a Beyonce, too. The shoes get auctioned off for charity of some sort, although it'll probably harm their price that they've never actually been worn been their designers, thus closing off interest from the key shoe fetishists community. Reebok have, apparently, recently been given some sort of praise for their attitude to worker's rights, although apparently under an agreement which allows them to choose which part of their operations they'll be inspected in. And the applause came from the FLA, who don't seem at all bothered by the concept of company unions apparently used at Reebok's suppliers in, say, El Salvador, even although that hardly constitutes worker's recognition. Still, Beyonce, Queen Latifah and Tyra are probably a bit too busy to sweat the fine details, eh?

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