Monday, July 19, 2004

THAT'S NOT YOUR TUNE: No sooner had pretend George Harrison Michael gagliano popped up claiming he wrote the music for Dry Your Eyes, than The Streets people stuck out a statement:

"The strings in The Streets single ‘Dry Your Eyes’ were taken from a sample CD which provides royalty free samples for artists. This is standard practice nowadays. Obviously, Mike has never heard the other song in question. Apparently it was released towards the end of 2003, and ‘Dry Your Eyes’ was recorded as early as March 2003 and CDs of the track have been kicking around the label and people involved ever since. We have no idea how the other artist thinks Mike heard his music before recording it and find it all a bit strange."

Apart from the total rubbishing of his claims, it's the "obviously" which is the twisting of the knife there, isn't it?

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