Thursday, July 01, 2004

THEY'VE GOT AN AWFUL LOT OF COPY IN BRAZIL: The Congressional Investigatory Commission on Piracy has unleashed its report on music piracy in Brazil. And it's shocked and quaking - it's all about organised crime and the market for fake CDs is worth GBP91 million a year. Some of the money, it's claimed, was offered to the chairman of the investigating committee in a bid to try and get them to tweak their findings a little; Law Kin Chong, the man who coughed politely and suggested the deal, is currently in prison awaiting trial.

We're not sure the report bothered to question why so many people are happy to buy fake CDs, but we suspect this might all be about overpricing in the Brazilian market: generally, for a fake product to shift, it has to be offering something desirable that would otherwise be unaffordable. We'd recommend dropping the price on Cds to end the illegal activity and make it less attractive. Oddly, the report doesn't.

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