Friday, July 02, 2004

U2 HEADLINING 2005? ONLY IF THERE IS A 2005: With everyone keen to assume that Bono and his Amazing Venture Capital Company will be headling next year's Glastonbury, nobody seems to have noticed a very real threat to the whole festival: Local residents have indicated they're far from happy:

"Parish council chairman Robin Clark said: "I thought the music would finish at midnight but it went on through Wednesday and Thursday to 4.15am and, with the atmospheric conditions, the sound carried. It is something we will have to address with Mendip District Council.
A lot of people here think we need to look at having a year off. I am sure they find it a bit of a strain every year. We work with Glastonbury Festival Ltd and Mendip District Council to minimise the effect of the festival and we will be taking up the noise issue with them."

Other Pilton residents are suggesting that they might only be able to tolerate a festival every couple of years. We're sure this is all down to the noise carrying through the night, and not just the fear of meeting Bono in a country lane next summer.

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