Friday, July 02, 2004

UPON THE FELL, SHE FELL: The multiskilling Kim Wilde has added conservationist to her portfolio of good works, helping launch Fix the Fells , a scheme designed to try and repair the footpaths in the Lake District. To help, she's conjuring images for us:

"I love the Lakes, I had my honeymoon and conceived my first child here! My parents-in-law live near Derwent Water so we get up as often as we can."

We think when she says "we get up as often as we can" she means to visit the in-laws, not in the sense of conceiving children. It's probably Harry, her eldest, is six and as such probably not yet aware that his mother has provided information that one day his schoolfriends will stumble across via the magic of Google. Let's hope he enjoys the innocence while he can. Meanwhile: Yes, give some money to the Fells. It's a lovely place.

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