Friday, July 02, 2004

TONIGHT, I'M A POP AND ROLL STAR: In one of those odd moments of someone complaining about something that doesn't happen, Liam Gallagher has decided he's sick of oasis being called "indie" and has said he wants to be known as a pop band instead. Not that anyone has called Oasis indie since about 1956 - probably, mainly, because they've been signed to Sony since then; but "pop"? In what way are Oasis a pop act? Not that Liam is actually making any sense:

"I love pop music. That's what we do. We're not an indie band. What's an indie band? To me that's the Inspiral Carpets or Echobelly. Forget that.
"What's the point of not putting out a great single every few months? That's what The Smiths used to do and it was an event."

We really, genuinely, don't get what he means by the second sentence - what's the point of not putting out a great single every few months? Is he suggesting that's what oasis do? But they've not put out a single since... 2002, is it? Oh, and Liam: The reason why Smiths singles were an event was less to do with the release schedule, more to do with a genuinely interesting songwriter and a fantastically talented musician stretching themselves to do something that repaid their audience's devotion. If you want Let The Bells Ring release to be an "event", you're going to have to release it at the same time as five thousand turtle doves, with a man in a flying car distributing toffees to children, and a funfair and a parade of elephants in every town centre in England, coupled with a celebrity edition of Mastermind featuring Catherine Zeta Jones, David Attenborough, all three of the Goodies and Big Bird from Sesame Street. Then there might be a sense of event around it. Otherwise: Gallagher brothers stick out another half-assed song is never going to be an event.

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