Wednesday, July 14, 2004

WHAT THE POP PAPERS SAY: Marlon Brando Memorial Edition
It was a bumper week for pop trivia in the Guardian Weekend - Daniel Beddingfield has lived in Thatcher's old house; Rachel Stevens thinks the Queen is "cool" and is most scared of being in a confined space; and Kym Marsh has been seeing Paul McKenna because she gets panic attacks when she's onstage - presumably wondering what on earth she's doing there brings those on.

Rather splendidly, Andrew Collins has popped up in MKreview, presumably to promote something, but they never actually got round to mentioning what it was. The also described him as "Journalist", which is a little like calling Leonardo a painter. He's got plans for when he's in charge, too - no fireworks, no 24 hour Kids TV, and no bonfires. His line on barbecues isn't yet clear.

This week's NME is the post-T in the Park one, which isn't purely getting the attention because of the nme sponsorship - this year, it actually feels like T has overtaken Reading as being the nation's favourite* (*-betting with the big one in Somerset). Before we get to that, though, there's a picture of Goldie Lookin' Chain doing some sort of wacky races thing to get by. (Am I the only person starting to think 'It must be loads of fun to be in the GLC; it may even be tonnes of fun to be around them. But reading about them is a little like watching the people next door having a barbecue'? Yes? Oh well, as you were).

Badly Drawn Boy. In the blue corner. Peter Robinson. In the red corner. Damon doubts that the "put it on, put it on" line in 2 Become 1 is about condoms - but he's wrong, you know. It was.

Tim Arnold wants to offer his support to Pete Doherty as he goes through this difficult time. Oddly, he sends a letter to NMEmail about it, rather than giving him a call. Arnold also suggests that Pete should be forgiven all his fuck-ups because of his addiction, which seems to be an extraordinarily dangerous blank cheque to hand anyone - he's not meant to take any responsibility for himself, Tim? None at all?

Secret Machines are the radar band. Their recipe is to "soak in life", apparently.

"It's about working for corporate companies and realising there's no real bond between people in those environments", explains Barry Futurehead, talking about First Day. The Futureheads, however, aren't going to be the new Redskins: "I don't feel like politics is our niche."

Rachel Stevens and Richard X recreate the Blur recreation of the Parallel Lines cover. Rachel Stevens looks every bit as good as Damon Albarn in a dress, we can report. X is planning an all girl group, as soon as he can find the members - a tricky task, because he doesn't want it to be "Atomic Kitten, but you don't want a trio of Maxine Carrs." He's also not very taken with the Richard Curtis video for his and Rach's Some Girls, either. "I enjoyed it less than Love, actually... which is saying something."

It's brave and edifying to see a Time Warner publication announcing that "You need to see Fahrenheit 9/11." At this rate, we'll have Manifesto back by the end of the year. Or at least the film review page.

So, T, Oxegen and Move are all folded in together for huge reviewzilla. The Darkness - "gimmicks galore"; Muse - "virtuoso vortexes"; The Libertines [ - Pete] - "pacing old streets"; Razorlight [Oxegen] - "stumble and fall"; Pixies [Move] - "Frank and Kim beaming (not at each other)"

The Strokes gather backstage at T to suggest that people "shit on Room On Fire because we're not sucking dick." Yeah, Julian? Not because it was a lazy, unspirited half-awake reworking of Is This It?

The posters are all festivaled - The Strokes, The Killers, Kings of Leon,Goldie, Ash (Charlotte's nipple not pictured), Matt, and the "Libertines".

other reviews
polyphonic spree - shepherds bush empire - "it would take a very grumpy person not to enjoy the experience"

state of exit festival, Novi Sad, Serbia - Partibrejkers are a last minute replacement for Kings Of Leon, crying off with a "strained thumb".

the hives - tyrannosaurus rex - "everyone will listen to it for a month. And forget about it for ten years.", 8
three colours red - the union of souls - "the Fonz never rocked this hard", 7
thisGIRL - uno - "... without ever betraying their hardcore roots", 8
dressy bessy - dressy bessy - "as vital as bulk order on skinblock", 7

sotw - the streets - dry your eyes - "rarely has Skinner sounded so vulnerable and... normal"
Ash - starcrossed - "is it us or have they been making the same record since 1987?"
tiga - pleasure from the bass - "does sensational things"

And, topically, finally: Peter Hayes from BRMC loves Marlon Brando. He was Superman's dad, you know.

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