Thursday, July 15, 2004

AUSTRALIAN CHART TURMOIL: ARIA, the people responsible for the Australian Top 40, seem to have got themselves into a bit of a farmer's pat over this weeks rundown. First of all, they announced Paulini was number one with Angel Eyes. Then, less than twenty four hours later, they had a recount, claiming that there had been bulk sales at a single store. With that stores figures disqualified, Shannon's Learning To Fly took the number one slot. Cut and dried, yeah? Erm... no. They'd penalised Paulini 1228 sales, which seems to be an awful lot for a single store, even one selling in bulk. Interestingly, the album chart is also looking a bit wobbly: Hilltown Church sit atop of that, although their collection hadn't been officially released until yesterday and so the sales before that should have been added into this week's chart instead. Even more curiously, nearly all the sales had been handled by Hilltown Church at some sort of special event. They're able to do this because, um, they've been registered as a music store by ARIA. Nobody is suggesting at all that there's been any claims of false sales being counted, but it does seem to be a slightly odd system that allows a band to count up its own album sales for inclusion in the chart.

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