Thursday, July 22, 2004

WHILE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY CONCENTRATES ON SUING PRETEENS, THEIR SHOP BURNS DOWN: We're delighted that the IFPI is convinced its anti-piracy strategy is winning - personally, if a trade we were trying to stamp out lifted its sales up to 1.1 billion units, 4 per cent more than last year, and become an industry worth USD4.5bn, I don't think I'd be announcing that it's all a "positive indication" that our anti-piracy measures are biting. But then, guys with guns aren't such an easy target as live music bootleggers - who harm nobody - or little old ladies. They tend to fight back.

It really does amuse us that the IFPI waste their time issuing edicts that countries really must pull their socks up - they've targetted ten this time, including, for example, Ukraine. In a country where half the population lives beneath the poverty line and with inflation at 20% [1997 and 1998 figures respectively], any government pissing about trying to make sure Phil Collins gets his royalty cheques deserves to be propelled from office faster than one of those there speeding bullets.

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