Tuesday, July 20, 2004

YOU'VE GOT THE BAND IN THE BUBBLE AND THE BABY WITH THE BABOON HEART: Well, a band in a big glass box, anyway. Now, sadly, this isn't the plan we've had to permanently isolate Girls Aloud and stop them from being a menace to society; instead, Australian band Regurgitator have sealed themselves in a glass studio in the middle of Sydney while they work on their new album. Quan Yeomans says:

"Unparalleled artistic accountability wrapped up in a landmark meta-cultural experiment or a weeping pustule of cutting edge, quasi-real situation marketing-anti-marketing fodder covering up poorly crafted music? Quite possibly. I have no idea. That's why we have to do it."

[Thanks to Christopher B]


Anonymous said...

Not in the middle of Sydney, but the middle of Melbourne

JG said...

Given Regurgitator's recent track record, I'll take the "covering up poorly crafted music" option.

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