Saturday, August 28, 2004

CHANGE OF HEART: Naturally, we'd find it really tempting if we were walking down a street and saw a queue of people lining up to take a pop at Danny McNamara from Embrace, but we have to be honest and say we're looking at him with renewed respect after he's revealed he's got a bad heart. Not in a demonic way, but in a need-daily-medication way:

"I was about 20 when I found out," he said. "I thought I was having some kind of panic attack but my heart was going mental. In the kind of job that I'm in, with lots of nerves and stress, it's not that easy really. The pills that I take work fine at the moment but I might need to think about having an operation later on in life."
Danny said he wasn't particularly bothered about the condition until he found out that his friend's mother, who is in her 50s, was taking beta- blockers that were 12 times weaker than the tablets he had been prescribed. He decided there and then to see a hypnotist.
"It was out of desperation really - I didn't have anywhere else to turn," he said. "He took me back to a time in my childhood when I was three and I used to be scared of the dark. And he got me, a 30-year-old man, to sit the child version of myself on my knee and make shadow puppets to show the child that the light and dark could be controlled, like my heart condition. It really helped me and that's what Wish 'Em All Away is about."

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