Friday, August 27, 2004

DISAPPOINTING FILM MADE INTO DVD: Blur's frankly-not-very-good Starshaped on the road documentary gets a DVD release on September 27th; why do bands persist in making these on the road docs? They're always the same:

- band hanging around backstage
- shot of crowd waiting to go in; a girl waves at the camera
- shot of the crowd inside the venue
- band backstage having some sort of minor crisis ("where is the fizzy water?")
- couple of poorly filmed songs
- shot of band backstage with towels; the bassist holds up a bottle of beer to the camera

However, the one saving grave of this DVD is that it's got some footage from when Blur were brilliant and upsetting people with naked women on hippos added as an extra. Might be worth waiting until that comes to bittorrent.

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