Tuesday, August 03, 2004

DO YOU KNOW ME? YES? THAT'S WHY YOU CARRY THIS CARD...: We did send round a memo, but perhaps it's time to refresh the important message. In light of Usher's launching of his own credit card (in that it's got his face on it, it's not like he's having a party because Capital One have let him have a little card with a great low interest rate which stays low) we repeat: There are some products that hooking up with a rock act work really well: tshirts, posters, stun guns and knickers. They are sexy. There are other products, and chief amongst them are banking sector offerings, mortgage packages and legal advice, which don't really work and only harm your standing. Usher, this time last week, you were someone cool who probably had lots of hot chicks and could bend the pizza delivery boy over a table and have him, there and then, and not even have to tip. Now you're competing with Sainsburys Bank and the Birmingham Midshires, and have an APR. That makes you seem, well, a bit shit. To be honest.

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