Sunday, August 22, 2004

GO AWAY: Following on from New Zealand telling Shania twain if she wants to buy a chunk of their land, she'll have to allow public access, Twain and husband Mutt Lange have come up with a better idea - what if they paid for a whole new track on the next plot of land along?. Interestingly, they didn't even bother to ask their neighbours how they felt about this and, as they're actual farmers rather than just paranoid celebrities, Don and Vicky McRae are a bit pissed off that they're expected just to roll over and make things simple for the famous folk.

Shania sees this as a fight to remain normal: "We just have to have boundaries in order to keep some normalcy in our lives."

So, Shania's idea of normal is paying sixteen million bucks for a house in the middle of nowhere, and then pumping more cash into it in a desperate bid to ensure there are no passers-by ever anywhere near them. Even Howard Hughes might spot that that isn't entirely normal.

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