Thursday, August 26, 2004

I AM THE LAW: Almost as if he was a placeman at the mercy of large corporations for support for this political campaigns, US Attorney General John Ashcroft has added his weight to the fight against eDonkey.

"P2P does not stand for 'permission to pilfer'" he explained, helpfully. Clearly, the best writers are all busy on the Bush campaign speeches at the moment. He went on:

"We do not believe it is appropriate for the Department of Justice to stand by while such theft is taking place."

He was defending the enormous input of FBI time and resources in a raid on five homes, raids which didn't even result in a single arrest. We're curious how a nation with so many security worries can find the time and space to run about stopping people sharing a few copies of Kill Bill. Unless, of course, the terrorist threat isn't as serious as they tell us, and so they can spare the resources. But why on earth would an administration choose to play up the dangers of terrorism in an election year?

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