Wednesday, August 25, 2004

IF YOU CAN'T GO TO READING, YOU CAN ALWAYS DOWNLOAD: There's some sort of groundbreaking deal to make some of the acts at Reading/Leeds this year available as downloads, and there are plans to extend this to other MF-affiliated festivals as well, including next year's Glastonbury. The price, however, is ridiculous - GBP1.50 if you pay by SMS, which Mean Fiddler expect to be the most common way of paying; still a hefty 99p for people with credit cards.

Meanwhile, the forecast for Reading is heavy rain right across Friday, with showers starting at about five in the morning and getting heavier as the day progresses. The rest of the weekend is expected to be cloudy but dry. The Leeds festival is expected to take place under a mix of light rain, clouds and showers.

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