Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ON THE MONEY: Pharrell Williams has launched a new clothing range - of course he has, he's a musician. Apparently, Pharrell's Reebok tie-up has created the world's first philosophical sneaker:

"'Ice Cream' is ice as in jewels and cream as in cash. The two things that run the world, we wanted to put those two things below people's feet."
"The 'Billionaire Boys Club' is 'wealth is of the heart and the mind and not the pocket' which means money shouldn't validate you, you know, your intelligence should."

So... there you are. Your intelligence is what's important, not how much money you have. Oddly enough, though, Williams has elected to be rewarded by Reebok with large piles of cash rather than games of chess and copies of encyclopedias. Money might not validate you, but it's a great help when it comes to getting a good table at La Belle Etoille.

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