Wednesday, August 25, 2004

THE REWARDS OF HOMOPHOBIA: The Mobo nominations are out, although the nominated types will probably not welcome being described as "out" in any sense - although Mobo organisers say it doesn't matter that Elephant Man recorded We Nuh Like Gay, as it was "years ago" and, besides, that's not the track they've been nominated for. Vybz Cartel has also picked up a shortlist place - again, not for one of their homophobic songs, so that's alright, then. Oddly, the organisers of the Mobos had told The Times on Monday that anti-gay artists would not feature in the 2004 awards, so the inclusion of Vybz "lesbians and queers must be assasinated" Kartel seems a little odd. [Outrage have more details on the specifics.]

As if the Mobos weren't in enough trouble, amongst the other nominations this year are Jamie Cullum and Amy Winehouse.

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