Friday, August 27, 2004

THOSE KERRANG WINNERS IN FULL, THEN: Here are the boys who won prizes in the 2004 Kerrang awards:
Best British Newcomer - yourcodenameis:milo
Best International Newcomer - Velvet Revolver
Best Single - Last Train Home by Lostprophets
Best Album - Absolution by Muse
Icon Award - MC5
Best Video - Funeral of Hearts by HIM
Best Live Band - The Darkness
Spirit of Rock Award - Anthrax
Classic Songwriter - Ash
Best British Band - The Darkness
Best Band on the Planet - Metallica
Hall of Fame - Green Day

We're really enjoying the concept of Velvet Revolver counting as newcomers - like those escort ads which promise girls "new in town" who turn out to be from the outskirts and in their mid-40s. Nice piece of politicing in managing to give two awards to the Darkness despite their only major new work in the period covered by the awards being the Christmas single (but, remember: they're not a novelty act, right?). And a Hall of Fame that has space in it for Green Day must be the size of an aircraft hangar.

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