Friday, August 27, 2004

VMA ATTEMPTS TO HAVE CAKE, EAT IT: MTV seem pretty awkward in the run up to what are - lest we forget - the first VMAs since Janet Jackson's nipple was thrust into the face of god-fearing Americans at MTV's half-time Superbowl show; trying to re-assure legislators that they're in control of everything, without wanting to lose what they still clearly believe is a reputation for being cutting edgy, and edgy, and on the edge, and a pair of edgetrimmers. What we find interesting in their ooh, we're dangerous, us chat with the Associated Press is this part:

Still, there's talk of using a video delay for the first time on the live broadcast (it's had an audio delay for years).

Um... how does that work, exactly, if the video is delivered live but the audio is on delay?

MTV president Van Toffler is clearly hoping that nothing bad happens on his watch:

"At the end of the day, what Janet Jackson did at the Super Bowl didn't work for her, and the artists that we work with are professionals."

Which is the closest the head of a TV network gets to being a teacher telling the class before they get on the bus to the zoo "remember, you're representing the school; don't let us down."

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