Wednesday, August 25, 2004

WHEN IS FREE MUSIC NOT FREE MUSIC? WHEN YOU HAVE TO PAT FOR IT: We're not quite sure how Reuters believes the enforced college opt-in to paid-for file-sharing services counts as "Free" Online Music, since the cost of being made to sign up under the threat of victimisation from the RIAA is going to be shared out amongst every student's fee, one way or another. However, we're also a little uncertain if ary Sherman has thought through the implications of this system:

"You have to look at where we're coming from," RIAA president Sherman said. "As little as a year ago, there was still a great deal of reluctance by universities to consider this a problem that they needed to address at all. Now you have universities taking a wide variety of steps to address the problem. ... It introduces students to the concept that music has value and that the people who create it deserve to get paid."

But surely if the costs of the music are lost in the general fees paid by students anyway, how does that create this concept in the student's mind?

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