Friday, September 03, 2004

APPARENTLY SOME TROUBLE COUNTING: So, obviously, everyone's delighted at the news that Victoria Beckham really is pregnant with a third child - proving again that you can rely on Popbitch. Judging by the first report on the bitch about Beckham being knocked up, she's now in her thirteenth month of pregnancy, suggesting that Posh is part Camargue Horse. Anyway, to celebrate adding a third child to the brood, the Beckhams have put in a planning permission bid for two extra bedrooms in Beckingham Palace - although why this is required isn't clear, since there were seven bedrooms to begin with, and even if, post-Loos, David sleeps alone, we make it there's room for a couple more even so.

Interestingly, the Beckham house is a former orphanage. We bet its haunted.

We wonder why they need to extend to accomodate the new kid - couldn't they just convert an unused part of the house? The kitchen would seem to be the most obvious starting point.

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