Wednesday, September 01, 2004

BAN THE GOTHS: It turns out there's an acceptable number of Goths allowed at a school before black clothing just has to be banned. Head of Wilbur Middle School, Wicita, Cherie Crain is happy until they start flocking:

Crain says students dressing in the so-called Goth style have become a distraction, and some younger students were intimidated. In the past, only two or three among Wilbur's 1,000 students dressed Goth. Crain said she let that slide. But when school in the state's largest city started last week, about a dozen kids had adopted the Goth look.

Intimidated? By Goths? "Mummy, mummy, the girl that smells of fields looked at me..."

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Anonymous said...

That's my school. I remember signing about 15 or so different legal petitions that she said, "wouldn't affect anything." She was talkgni about how, it's her rule, we can't change it.

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