Friday, September 03, 2004

HEY YA FOR DUBBYA? HELL NO: So it turns out that Andre 3000 isn't hanging round the Republican National Convention in order to lend some support to George Bush - Andre says he's just there making a film, same as Michael Moore was:

"The reason why I'm here [is because] I'm doing a documentary on youth and voting. I guess people got wind that I was coming here for the Republican convention, [but] they really didn't know the complete story. I wanted to clear it up. You had a lot of people around town, people in the streets, that heard I was supposed to be performing at the convention. A lot of people [are] riled up and upset, and that was never the case. It almost [leads] me to think, 'Who put it out there that I was performing?' I don't know if it was to bring heat to a certain party. I just want to let people know that this is a nonpartisan documentary I'm doing."

So, that's alright then. Mind you, he hasn't come out and condemned the Swift Boat adverts yet, has he?

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