Saturday, September 04, 2004

IT'S A SHIT BUSINESS: Prince has made a simple suggestion to anyone interested in making music as part of the current industry: don't. The Music Industry, says Prince, is no place for an artist:

Stay out of the music industry, stay out of the system. Be revolutionary. Some of these young kids say they want to follow me. Well, if you do, then get your spiritual life together if you want your relationships to go right, and it will happen."
He also advises musicians to strive for the musical independence that he has now achieved so they can own their own songs.
He adds, "I'm a writer. Stephen King is a writer. Can I take a page out of his book and call it Prince's Shining? Can I take a scene out of a movie and call it my own? They say the law helps the writers. I don't need help; I don't need your money. Let us steward our own music."

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