Thursday, September 02, 2004

THE POOR MAN'S MICHAEL JACKSON: Having said which, we doubt very much if Jackson is likely to quote Galton and Simpson as he next goes into court. (Although, Pete Doherty, the Hancock line "what about Magna Carta, did she die in vain" only works if you don't put the definite article before 'Magna'). Curiously, on his way into court Pete claimed that he felt "innocent", but then he failed to change his plea from guilty inside - another example of musicians apparently unable to grasp what court proceedings actually mean, or rather, trying to claim innocence even when they've been convicted. As it is, Pete's accepting he did have a knife got him away with a four month suspended sentence. Apparently it was a gift for a friend he'd forgotten about - and, knowing the sort of circles Doherty moves in, we're delighted at the thought of them being given flick knives. Mind you, it's curious that he was going to give this knife as a present, yet had broken the end of it off. Presumably he also scratches CDs before he gives them as gifts, too?

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