Thursday, September 02, 2004

DOWNLOAD CHART "EVERY BIT AS SHIT" AS REAL CHART: When the shift started from counting sheet music sales to counting single sales, Al Martino nabbed the all-important number one slot. Happily, fate has granted us an equally dull first download number one, and it could equally be a song from the 1950s, too. The words to write on your sleeve for when it comes up in quizzes are 'Westlife - Flying Without Wings'. That chart in dull, sorry, full:

1 (new) 'Flying Without Wings' - Westlife BMG
2 (new) 'Blazin Day' Blazin Squad Warner
3 (new) 'She Will Be Loved' Maroon 5 BMG
4 (new) 'Lola's Theme' Shapeshifters EMI
5 (new) 'American Idiot' Green Day Warner
6 (new) 'This Love' Maroon 5 BMG
7 (new) 'Dry Your Eyes' Streets Warner
8 (new) 'Bedshaped' Keane Universal
9 (new) 'Laura' Scissor Sisters Universal
10 (new) 'Apocalypse Please' Muse Warner
11 (new) 'Sick and Tired' Anastacia Sony
12 (new) 'Dumb' 411 Sony
13 (new) 'Everybody's Changing' Keane Universal
14 (new) 'Left Outside Alone' Anastacia Sony
15 (new) 'My Happy Ending' Avril Lavigne BMG
16 (new) 'Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do' Goldie Lookin' Chain Warner
17 (new) 'Single' Natasha Bedingfield BMG
18 (new) 'Harder To Breathe' Maroon 5 BMG
19 (new) 'Hey Ya' Outkast BMG
20 (new) 'Sunshine' Twista Warner

So, the lesson is: offer people half a million tracks, all the jewels of the musical world, and you wind up seeing them fill their pockets with the same old rubbish. Really, people... these are the sorts of songs you should be kazaaing.

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