Friday, October 15, 2004

150,000,000 iTUNES: Apple is reporting that iTunes has flogged 150 million songs, and is now hooking up with Best Buy in the states to sell Record Tokens (or, rather, iTunes gift vouchers). Unlike Napster's UK pay-as-you-go cards, these are being pitched as things to slip into your little one's cyberstocking rather than a way round the under-18s having no credit cards, and it's quite a smooth marketing pitch: after all, a lot of Americans will be Christmas shopping for iPods at BestBuy, and what makes more sense than to suggest you get Little Jimmy some tunes to go with that shiny new player so he can enjoy some music as soon as he unwraps the gift, rather than having no music to play with unless he steals it and sends you to prison or has to buy it himself, you grinch?

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