Friday, October 08, 2004

BUT FOR THE INTERVENTION OF MARK CHAPMAN: It would have been John Lennon's 64th birthday tomorrow. To mark the occassion, Yoko Ono is holding an exhibition of Lennon's artwork in a New York gallery.

Ono says she's doing it because she doesn't "think most people know John's artwork" - which might have just seemed like a widow's sweet attempt to throw light on another aspect of her husband's character, were it not for the obvious fib in her sentence - surely there's not a person alive who hasn't already seen Lennon's 'someone doodling on a pad while waiting for directory enquiries' "art" - it's even the logo of Liverpool airport. We suspect the real purpose of the exhibits is a way of promoting these:

The Lennon toys and baby range, a cash-in on Lennon's art so cynical it would make Max Clifford blush. Top of the range is a tiny blue elephant which plays - oh yes, it does - Imagine. Yours for seventeen quid. "Imagine no possessions", of course.

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