Friday, October 08, 2004

A FRIDAY AFTERNOON BELLY LAUGH: Avril Lavigne has, apparently, dyed her hair blonde in order to get a part playing Courtney Love in a soon-to-be-made film. No, it gets better: Avril thinks she's just right for the part of Love:

"Courtney is really nice and a great mom. It would be an honor to play her. I've been looking for a feisty role that suits my personality, and I think this is the one."

Obviously, this delusion can't be blamed on poor research alone - no amount of mistyping into google would make someone think they were feisty when clearly they're not - but she thinks Courtney is a great mom? How would that be - because she's taught Frances Bean how to call for an ambulance when she ODs? If she's such a great parent, how come Frances was placed in the care of Kurt's mum?

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