Tuesday, October 05, 2004

GEORGE STUFF PINCHED: Bad news for the Harrison family: George's sister was en route to present some Beatle memorobilia to the Clinton Presidential Library when her briefcase was stolen from her car. Hmm... something stolen from a high-profile Democrat in an election year? This one has the Republican National Committee's dabs all over, surely?

You might be curious as to why the stuff was going to be exhibited in Little Rock anyway. George's sister, Lou Harrison, explains:

She said she decided to donate the memorabilia because "Clinton is the Beatle president".
"There's not enough things to leave for my grandchildren," she said.
"So I thought maybe if I could house them at the Clinton Library, where they could be on display, that all the Beatle people could enjoy seeing them."

We can kind of understand the logic, although surely with the drugs and sex parties and the unlovely use of brass instruments, and the hanging around long after his time was up, Clinton is much more the Rolling Stones president? (And the mysterious deaths in dubious circumstances...) If we had a small pile of stuff to show to Beatles fans, we'd have probably decided a Beatle museum might make more sense, but then what would we know? Actually, there's a second suspect... maybe the Beatle Story Experience has set out to take back what it sees as rightfully its own...

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