Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ME THE BOMB: We know what Prince is trying to do with his video for Cinnamon Girl - basically Keisha Castle-Hughes suffering abuse as an Arab-American post sep'ven, but we're not sure he's really thought through the implications of the clip. In an environment where, many times, we've heard both 'experts' and anchors on Fox News state variations of "all terrorism comes from the Muslim world" as inarguable fact, is showing an Arab-American teenager blowing up an airport - even as a dream sequence - not going to reinforce rather than reject that belief? Isn't the "well, you can see if we don't stop demonising people we're going to create a bigger problem" intent going to lose out to a "any of them could blow up JFK at any moment - look how easy it could be" less subtle interpretation? In effect, Prince appears to have made a pop video which is closer to Fox's old screeching "Terror Alert: High" on-screen panic button than an attempt to open a dialogue.

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