Monday, October 11, 2004

...ON THE OTHER HAND, MAYBE SHE JUST FINISHED OFF THE WEDDING CAKE WITH A TUB OR TWO OF BEN AND JERRYS: Britney Spears? Pregnant and showing so soon after the wedding? That's the reason she brought the wedding forward, of course... - it all makes sense now, doesn't it? On the other hand, all this has been built on is a photo of her with a slight bulge over her jeans, so it's as likely to be a good breakfast as a baby.

In other Britney news, Kevin Federline - the man who is married to Britney - apparently put his foot down and refused to let Brit buy pink floral duvet cases. An "onlooker" observed:

"She wanted the girliest of all the designs and he looked aghast. You could see there was no way he was having their bedroom looking like it belonged to Barbie."

Kevin, check the prenup, darling - your bedroom does belong to Barbie. The bed, the covers, the house, even your skanky little ass. It's all hers.

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