Tuesday, October 05, 2004

SECOND CHANCES: Apparently U2 have pledged to their fans that if they make two crap albums they'll quit and let Bono find something else to do. Now, we're kind of tempted to ask them when, exactly, they're counting from - because, let's face it, Zooropa is a bit ropey, and maybe you'd argue that Passengers doesn't count, but Pop surely does? On the other hand, the more time Bono spends in a studio and ordering pizzas from a stage while dressed like the member of the Hen Party who got to the costume shop last, the less time he'll spend helping George Bush get re-elected, and the happier everyone will be.

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Pierre said...

Did Bono really come in support of Bush? First time I hear of this.

And in my humble opinion, Zooropa is the best U2 album, if only because it's the most Eno-esque.

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