Monday, October 11, 2004

THAT'S WHAT YOU NEED, MICHAEL - SOME MORE COURT ACTION: Michael Jackson isn't very amused by the new Eminem video which sees em dressed up as Jacko, playing with kids, losing his comedic nose, and so on. "Souces" and "spokespeople" suggest that Jackson is thinking of suing:

"The Jackson family feels the video is demeaning and disrespectful. Michael is very displeased and doesn't want it shown," a Jackson spokesperson said.

A source close to Jackson said: "The entire video is a send-up of Michael Jackson. Michael is very upset and is going crazy over it. Don't be surprised if he sues over this."

We're not sure what grounds he thinks he has - isn't parody protected by the consitution anyway?

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Anonymous said...

parody is protected by the consitution, as in Larry Flynt vs etc

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