Friday, October 08, 2004

THREE LETTERS FOR YOU, GUYS: The music industry - you know, those guys - are now threatening to "take on" Microsoft and Apple. It's a little bit like watching the Isle of Man declare war on the United States and the European Union at the same time. Their battle cry is a simple one: they want a common industry standard for downloads. Erm... guys? Have you heard of MP3?


Anonymous said...

Have you heard of MP3? When I said something similar I was upbraided for not mentioning Ogg Vorbis instead. Rightly upbraided, I think. Ogg Vorbis may not be doing very well on the downloads front, but it's probably always worth mentioning ahead of any MP3 Wars we have to look forward to.

The best thing about Q is that in the very issue they rebranded as the digital music mag, they mocked a letter-writer for mentioning Ogg Vorbis, saying it must be a character from Star Wars. Ho ho, granddad.

--Alan Connor

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Yes, much love the little Ogg, but it's gone a little bit Betamax, hasn't it? For all its superiority, it's not managed to make that magic breakthrough. For most people, the terms 'digital music' and 'mp3' are the same thing.

Just out of interest: are there any Ogg Vorbis Blogs out there?

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