Thursday, October 14, 2004

WE CAN'T IMAGINE WE'LL GET USED TO IT, BUT THEN WE STILL THINK OF RITA AS FAIRCLOUGH: Memo to fanfic writers: you might want to do a quick find and replace to update Britney Spears to Britney Federline. Yup, Britney has announced henceforward she wishes to be known as Mrs. Federline, although, apparently, she fears "society probably won't allow me but I would like to change it." Yes, society and tradition does make it very hard for a married woman to adopt her husband's name - it's almost unheard of.

She also reckons she's not pregnant yet:

"There are a few things I want to take care of this year before I have my baby. I'd love to have a baby already.

"But I've got to take care of some things first.

"I want to become a mother. I'm crazy about children. I will next year. When I'm 23 I'll be ready."

She doesn't say what the things she needs to take care of are - we're imagining one will involve Christina and a rabbit punch; maybe another will be getting over the way her flesh crawls whenever Kevin touches her (well, ours would if he touched us, and he wouldn't even have dollar signs flashing in his eyes when it happened). Let's hope when she's 23 she'll still be married.

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