Thursday, October 07, 2004

WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED WITH BUSTED, OF COURSE: In a soap/pop crossover unrivalled since John Peel turned out to be at school with Robin Snell, McFly are going to appear in Casualty. The original idea was for them to play a talented, bright, rocky-pop group, but instead they just went with playing themselves. The plotline involves a McFly fan falling out of a window, and a subsequent visit by the band to the hospital.

Busted, of course, being staunch Tories wouldn't dream of appearing on Casualty after their heroes in the Thatcher cabinet accused the series of being politically biased back in the 1980s.

Casualty would also have had the option of building the episode around Limp Bizkit. Of course, Fred Durst wouldn't actually turn up at the hospital, but everyone could just pretend that he had until the inquest.

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