Wednesday, November 10, 2004

AND WHILE WE'RE ROOTING AROUND DAMAGED GOODS: We're undignifiedly excited that Shelley's Children are getting a complete posthumous CD round-up thing - they were the finest thing ever to come out of Reading; like a Chumbawamba with a sense of pop (back before Chumbawamba tried to get in touch with their innerpop, and without the signing to EMI). No confirmed date, but we hope they'll let us know when it comes out.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Shelley's Children were a great band. It might be interesting for fans of the band to know that I recently interviewed Tracey Curtis who fronted and wrote most of the band's songs. She is currently carving out a successful career as a singer/songwriter and her debut album If the Moon Could Talk (unlabel 006)is available at most good record stores. She's still singing from the hip and lives in Ammanford.

tracey curtis said...

I'm Tracey Curtis and having just read the above comment I wanted to say that I did not write most of the Shelley's Children songs. I think I wrote three of them.

Anonymous said...

Well the CD has been out for a while now, so please drop by for more info and say hello.

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