Tuesday, November 09, 2004

BRUCE NIXES FLATS HONOUR: Asbury Park is busily building - condos and complexes going up everywhere. And, to honour its most famous son, they'd planned to call a waterfront apartment block The Rising, like the Bruce Springsteen song. Bruce politely requested that they didn't name a high-rise building after his song about the Twin Towers terrorist attack, and continued:

I respectfully ask the city fathers and developers to place both my and my song's names out of the running for any new buildings, streets, hot dog stands (well, maybe hot dog stands) as the city moves toward its exciting future.

So Born To Run Blvd remains just a crazy dream. But before we run away with the idea that Bruce is the anti-Bono, maybe there is just a slightly self-affgrandising element to this: the developer says that although they'll change the name, it wasn't actually chosen for the song anyway.