Tuesday, November 23, 2004

DON'T PISS OFF THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE: Brian McFadden has had the first version of the video for his slightly Dave Plezery Irish Son single withdrawn after the Christian Brothers school featured in the clip objected that it wasn't the same school McFadden attended. In the song, McFadden claims he was beaten to a shit while at a Christian Brothers school during his childhood. While we can understand BMG withdrawing the video, we wonder if they considered just offering the school in the video the chance to beat McFadden a few times - surely that would make everyone happy?

In other Brian McFadden news, Brian says that after he split with his PR wife Kerry, he found that drinking made things a lot easier. Which is funny, as we found it a lot easier to listen to Westlife songs after a bottle of Jamesons, three gin and its, and a good hit on a Party Seven.